It looks like I’ve already given up on Tumblr.

Sike. I just can’t think of much to write. I was gonna post the story idea thing, but the more I think about it, the more “meh” or “eh” it becomes.

Maybe I’ll make a video about it. That’d make it easier to explain.

When I get the the time, I’ll dump some unfinished “poetry”, and maybe I’ll polish off a bit. Oh, and I wrote a story awhile ago for a class, so I’ll polish that off too.

Speaking of class, I really need to start working on some assignments ; otherwise I’ll have to go to “turning point”, which has been described to me as school for idiots and criminals, who weren’t able to get there diploma.


So yeah, there’s that. Also, I think I’ll write a bit about what’s going on with my favorite band, streetlight manifesto.

I think I’ll review a couple albums, too, one of which is no longer (legally) available . More details later.

Also somewhat related, I’m going to write a bit about heroes or idols, or whatever.

Alright, enough about what I say I might do, before I bore you to death with lies (I mean what?). I noticed i got a few more followers again, and I have no idea whether I know you or not. I suppose it’s better that way though.

Alright, it’s time to say farewell once more. I promise I’ll start posting things worth following for (eventually), so just hang in there.